Knifes thickness might be wrong in CAD

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I already have mi Lasercut pieces in my hands to start building the Shredding Machine, but when i’m putting it all togheter I noticed that the Knifes have wrong thickness. An example: If you put next to to each other “Knife 1”, “Knife 2” and “Knife 3” (all with 5mm thickness) and next to them you put all the Knife Spacers (all with 6mm thickness) and then you measure the total length is: (15 x 5mm)+(13 x 6mm) its 153 mm. Then here is the problem, the total lenght for all the “Fixed Knifes Small” (6mm) and the “Fixed Knifes big” (5mm) is 155 mm and other hand the “Bottom1”, “Bottom2”, “top1″ and top2” lenghts are 149 mm and it has to fit that space (inside the “box” 155mm has to fit in a 149 mm space). And my last question is why there are, for example, 15 knifes (1,2 & 3) but just 13 spacers? One is missing…the same happens with the big and small fixed Knifes… Dont get mi wrong i’m really thankful for what you guys are doing and i think its great but i already spent money cutting laser pieces and the measures might be wrong? Please Help!


Sorry for the confusion, please keep track of thing’s going on in the preciousplastic>machinedevelopment forum, the proper place for these questions ;).
In this topic I made some corrections on the amounts and minor thickness (Sieve bracket). Modifications
The total of knives is 14 instead of 15!!! So you have a spare one :(.

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