Laser Cut Parts Needed – Vancouver, BC, Canada

Hi all,

I am having trouble finding a laser cutter locally due to the differences in size when converting metric to imperial.

I see that there is now someone in Canada selling the shredder unit, but it is not the same as the one in the plans; it is much longer.

I am looking to get a shredder unit locally. I have no problems assembling it, just need to get the laser cut parts. I am located 20 minutes from the USA border, so that may help for suggestions as well.

I noticed one member is selling the parts in the UK, but the website is in a foreign language, so I cannot order on there. Plus, shipping will be a lot.

All suggestions appreciated!

there is also a package with all dimensions in imperial so you ont have to convert anything. get that it’ll solve your problem. ill post the link if i find it. meanwhil you search for it in the forum

I saw that; thank you.

However, it doesn’t look like anyone has actually tested the plans yet?