Laser cut pieces online. best websites

Hi i have some difficulties in finding a company that cuts the parts for my shredder. Can you suggest me where to buy those at a good price?

Hi @romme86 a very qick google can up with this place in Italy

Give them a call they maybe able to help or recommend someone closer to your location.

I recommend always get 3 quotes

Ok thank you very mutch Enviro, i’ll keep on my reserch, maybe i should change the post name to “europe best laser cut service”?

@romme86 My friend giovanni has come up empty, sorry. I did not realise it was so difficult for private individuals to get things manufactured in your country.

If I was you, I would look at what your import regs are, if any & then try & have it made in a country that makes bring it into your country easy.

Also look on any CNC forums/laser & see what people in your part of the world are doing to get around your problem, you may even find someone in italy who does laser cutting as a hobby & will do it for you.

If you do find someone please post back so others can be helped

thank you 🙂

@romme86 I’ll ask a mate who is in your part of the world, I’ll get back to you

The budget for the whole project was 180$ but i cant find a laser cutting company to sell me half of the pieces for the shredder at that price.

I dont mind if the cut is in italy or wherever, can you post some links please??

I have contacted them now, the thing is here in italy companies do not answer to private customers so easy for this kind of stuff. they mostly talk with large orders of other companies. i have contacted some of them and they wont answer…

Do you have some link of companies in europe that has already done the pieces for others?