Lasercutparts cost

Hello Together,

im new here in the community.
I read a lot of threads. Really interesting topics and idea
For a fiew days i start to build the shredder. I search a lot of metalldealer and im stunning what a big price dispersion there is. what ever. i find a good dealer in our city.
fir the cutparts i paid 90€ all inkl.
in steal. i find its a good price.

@timo thats awesome! where are you located? I been looking for reasonable prices

please email me


I can deliver a compleet shredder kit including the Rvs cuttingparts / The axle and the bearing for the price of 275,=

intake list

there will be more parts !!

Regards Albert Morren

@chriskudla look above 260€ is like $300 for stainless steel parts

@sculptureclash Hi timo! could you please find out how much would be to ship to USA New jersey/New York area


i also have the price for stainless steel. it cost 260€ inkl. tax.
yes maybe the store can make a good price for more people.

i think the particles of rust are very minimal. what ever, youre right. of course stainless steel is better.

It looks amazing timo! Would also love to get the details, either the name of the store or through my email which is andreas_e_s1

I would namely love to ask the store how much it would cost to do the same but with stainless steel. Maybe we can get it even cheaper if we are many who want to cut it in stainless steel instead of non-alloy DC03. Even if non-alloy is hrd enough they may still rust and cause impurities in the plastics.

Great work guys! I’m trying to build this machine now, got a second handpellets-motor and is now looking for getting the things laser or water cut so this seems promising!


the material is steel panelDC03.
Its hard enough for shredding plastic

Im located in brunswick/germany.

Hi Timo,

What type of steel is it?