Lasercutted input Extrusion

Usually we weld an input (the place where you insert shredder plastic) for the extrusion machine. However we like to explore many different techniques making it easier for other to replicate. Lasercutting is one of those option. Made this one frame lassercutted MDF, tried a perspex as well. We’ve also added a little security in there so your fingers won’t end up in the screw.

The lasercutted pieces. Always amazed how accurate this stuff is, fits perfectly.

Hello Dave!
First I would like to say that I’m fascinated by your work. so much that together with a group of artists, techies, environmentalists we are building the machines in Jerusalem, Israel!

I wanted to ask if it’s possible for you to share the design of this lasercutted input for the extrusion machine.

Thank you so very much!


while we are at it, also tried a plexiglas version.

And on the extrusion. To bad production-speed isn’t one of our priorities, because this thing is insanely quick to assemble. Within 10 minutes.