Lathe free Shredder shaft idea

I have a pretty simple concept for simplifying the shredder’s drift shaft, that I think might remove the need for lathing, and before developing it any further, I want to ‘spitball’ it, to see if the community thinks it’s good, or if there’s obvious issues with it that aren’t immediately apparent to me.

The picture should do enough of the talking for me, but I’ll explain a bit more if you’re curious: The drive shaft would be replaced with not one, but two ?20mm bars, and the plates on either end of the box would be replaced largely with 50mm bearing blocks of the type; UCF210. I noted that the shafts have been increased in thickness in more recent builds, and that producing couplings for motors has been an ongoing issue. I believe this has the potential to produce simpler, stronger couplings, using CNC cutting tools (routers, laser, plasma etc.)

My only concern is that this design might actually introduce certain stresses that otherwise would not have existed. But I am not an engineer. I’m just throwing ideas against the ceiling and hoping they stick.