Lego houses with recycled plastic

A few minutes ago, I stumbled upon a video on Facebook showing some people building nice and sturdy houses using wooden lego-like planks. I have seen many people suggesting the idea of making houses using the same method before but there were no solid ideas, so I was thinking we could build a mould in the same shape as those wood planks and make houses with them 🙂
I don’t have time, money or resources to make the moulds myself yet, but a mould for these planks is definitely on my to-do list for this year.


Adding a few people who have shown intered on this project in the past:










Add me to this list of interested people! In addition to bricks, I’d like to explore other construction materials.

Yes, several entrepreneurs are already building plastic bricks/houses, feel free to search for “lego brick houses” or anything similar on our forum search

Has anyone got any further with this/reached out to them? I am an architect and could quite easily design something using their principles.[


Guys this is very complicated. And I do not recommend to use plastics do build bricks.
First of all is very difficult do made large wall in plastics you will need huge plastic injection machine.
And the cooling process will be very difficult with tensions, deformations, etc…

The best way to use plastics is in thin wall products. To extrude larger products you will normally use a fiber as reinforcement or a thermoset.

About the additives: UV stabilizer is strictly necessary.

Hi all!

I am also pretty interested in producing bricks in a smaller scale, initially for my own use.

Regarding the question about the similar color in the Colombian bricks, in the video they mentioned they used some aditives (I think is on the shreeded plastic), so maybe the color comes from there, I dont know, I am not an expert in those issues! jeje

I am wondering about the proper technnique to do the bricks, they use an extruder, however, for a small scales, maybe is also possible the compressor technnique.

Do somebody produce a brick already?

Thank you!

I like the everblock idea, it would use a crapload of plastic and moulding/pressure would be a bit intense but good idea, may be a different style of block?

It’s seems to be extrusion, but steps behind i am not sure.
Anyone have an idea about how they keep a similar grey color each time?
Seps before extrusion?

Conceptos plasticos already do this :

These LEGO-like recycled plastic bricks create sturdy homes for just $5,200

I am searching about the process

EverBlock’s website states: “EverBlock® Systems, LLC is protected by multiple patents and internationally registered designs”

Maybe you can still go around them…

A couple of Friends and I have been thinking about developing a large lego-like brick idea using the Press and Shredder.
With the goal being to build separators walls and temporary walls more than a full structural house. As @annathomas said, an everblock like structure but Made out of Recycled plastics and Opensource.

Did someone already achieved this?
We would really love to develop this under an Opensource Design and development but we are afraid of legals issues.
Do you guys know if there might be some patents going on?


Colombian propourse of house in plastic

It is good if the idea can also be adopted by other manufacturer specially those in line of furniture and interior materials making. Creating such kind of innovation can be an outstanding aspects in recycling or even recreating value of eco friendly materials.

James of

@annathomas I’ve always loved the idea of everblock. I wish I had some since they were in kickstarter but they are incredibly expensive. I think making a recycled equivalent would be super rad.


with regard to life size lego blocks, have you heard about EverBlock?


It’s something along the lines of your idea – but not sure whether they use recycled plastic – but it’s something worth a business…

Looks great! In terms of fireproof houses, this is quite interesting…

Hello @vasy
We don’t currently have a collection of moulds, many people around the world is currently testing with their own mould inventions but we don’t have a repository.

However, you can find more info about moulding here:

and here

Hi guys!

There is any mold collection with CNC files or blueprints?

Where do we collect our knowledge? Is there a wiki site or something?


Thanks for the link @snowpoff, I found an excellent comment in there that applies to the Plastic Brick houses as well 🙂