Let's get started [south Italy edition]

Hi everyone! We are Sonia and Pierfrancesco, a young architect from south Italy. I’ve always been interested in all the aspects of recycle, and recently I got to know of precious plastic community, and I saw it’s potencial. With a couple of collegues we would like to start a plastic recycle project in south Italy, more architectural-design oriented (we are open to any new idea or suggestion). Is there anyone as interested as we are in meeting and start together some project? Any suggestion from someone with more experience on how can we start (funding, searching for spaces, etc…)? We really appreciate all the help possible.


Hi Sonia and Pierfrancesco, i’m Donato.
I am an industrial designer born near Bari.
I’m very glad to know that there is someone in south of Italy who like me wants to start something good for our land and ourself. Even if we are from different region (but not far each other) we can try to plan a meeting, and see if we can start something togheter, or at least, we can building up a discussion for knowing each other and talk about what we can do and how do it.
I have an experience in this kind of project: i can say that i have collaborated with a designer, for a school internship, for creative recycling of plastics; it isn’t not that much… but i quote “you never throw away anything”… 😀

Hi guys, where are you located? As I said I will return in March and I would like to build immediately the shredder, then I will try with the extruder, in the while I want to meet people for develop the project, I will set up a Facebook group Precious Plastic Italy so we could leave ideas and speak about the future of PP in Italy.


Hello guys, it’s been a while…Unfortunately we couldn’t reply before. We are really working out here to realize some kind of workshop kind of place to start recycling wasted materials, starting from plastic, we already involved few more people and we are focusing on how to get founded to realize this project. In this moment we are really enthusiast about involving new people for sharing ideas and helping each other creating a multidisciplinary team.
If anyone is interested on knowing more about this project u can contact us on plabrocca@gmail.com
Sonia e Pierfrancesco

Ciao ragazzi mi chiamo Fabrizio e a Marzo tornerò in Italia più precisamente a Roma, mi piacerebbe poter iniziare questa avventura e vorrei sapere se qualcuno di voi si occupa di carpenteria digitale o vero uso di router CNC PER FABBRICARE per esempio piccoli mobili ad incastro o nel caso specifico biciclette per bambini con telaio in plastica… Aspetto notizie, ciao.

Hi Sonia, Piefrancesco and Donato, I’m Andrea Clessi.
I’m a designer and I founded in 2005 CLIQUE -rielaboratorio on the hills near Parma(you can find some of my works on Instagram).
Clique rielaboratorio Started it’s activity using wasted material from industrial production, stainless steel, wood, leather….now, thank’s to precious plastic it’s time to start with polymers !

Sometime I spend my holidays in Puglia (ostunì) where my family have a little house….

I hope to meet you there soon, just to organize the Italian precious plastic version.

Andrea Clessi. 340 6552691