Lets give back to young people and educate them!

Ok where to start??
lets try this….the school i went to had a recycling center and we took glass bottle and plastic and paper there. Then the different grades were approached and asked to put it a good effort with the reward of the recycling company supplying us with benches…
i uploaded some pics of the plastic benches now close to 20 years old!!

i want to start a visual recycling project, where anybody can see me plug 3 milk bottles into the shredder and extrude a coaster,vase etc… and the machines are visible to public and there are collection bags and bins. which will be the material for items. making plastic wood with the recyclables people are putting in the collection bags and drums.
at present plastic gets bailed in our town and gets sent to the bigger city where the company pelletizes it for companies to make new bottles etc.
now i want to educate our kids that they can make a difference. make a plan, have pillars and go for it!

so ive begun building an extruder……ill post progress.

and ive sent dfx files to a laser cutting company,who want a small fortune to lazer cut out the shredder parts…

would anybody be willing to financially help the start off of this recycling project.

please ask questions?


Hi, Liam. I’d like to speak with you.