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@davehakkens I received this mail RE veolia awards that I am in the middle of filling out.

Good morning,

I am Chloe, I am in charge of the Student Solidarity Awards in the Veolia foundation and I help the students to fulfill their applications for this award.

I was wondering if you were facing any difficulties in your application? Did you start looking for a sponsorship? As you may know you have to be sponsored by an employee of Veolia in order to be eligible. I suggest you to contact Veolia in the Netherlands, present your project and look for a local employee willing to support your project : http://www.veolia.nl/

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any help !

Have a nice day


What should I do

thanks @ezekields!

Yes @ezekields, design academy. Graduated in 2013.

@davehakkens I Have created an account to submit an entry for The Student Solidarity Award It requires a school and info related to studies, can we still enter as you started it at the design academy? please let me know

@davehakkens I have entered STARTS prize too. I managed without hi res images but for next time it would be nice. the link in the description is broken…

@davehakkens I have entered the MIT one! good luck 😉

hi everyone, thanks for helping out here.
This might interest you @agrim @ezekields @chone @sharma-sagar
I got in touch to participate in 2 application. It would be great if someone has some time to fill it in. I can highly recommend to choose words carefully and aim your application directly to their goals. They probably receive a lot of generic text and easily skip projects if it doesn’t fit their award.

1: MIT innovators under 35. (no prize award)
There is no award money available, that said it would help to reach on new target audience and open possibilities into new area.
you can login here using this information: email: hello@davehakkens.nl and this password: fbe9c3aa
Deadline 3 March (soon!)

2: Starts Prize €20.000 (€1000 for you if we win 😉
The award is quite technology oriented. Here is a direct link to the online submission: http://starts-prize-call.aec.at/)
Deadline 3 March (soon!)

Make sure the post a reply here if you filled in the application. We need this too make sure others don’t duplicate work and we can see who will receive the prize-money if we win 🙂

@davehakkens I applied for the Index Design Award. I love your work and really think that modular tech is the future, but first it is as important to protect the future by sustainable development. Your videos really urge us to use our “waste” correctly and care for the nature.
Keep up the good work and always be open source😉😇

@davehakkens, Hello, 🙂
I have found the Veolia solidarity award.

Thematic scope
(they correspond to the major areas of action of the Veolia Foundation):

development aid,
workforce development,
environmental conservation.

And those are also liked to the precious plastic goal.
There are no submission fees and the 3 projects awarded are dividing 15 000€


Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie Another one that requires more information than I have such as IBAN etc. but it is worth applying for

Seems good but needs to be filled out by applicant @davehakkens

@ezekields, nope. Haven’t got the budget for it. And already won the young talent award once 😉

, I was nominated with Phonebloks. Precious Plastic should still be eligible

, thanks! 🙂

@davehakkens I applied for the Global Innovation Fund, my name is Santiago Massone and if you win you will win 10.000 Euros. I am glad to help you. Greetings from Argentina

@davehakkens you have already been nominated twice for the Index Design awards, but as you were a finalist in 2015, you’re not eligible according to the rules: http://award.designtoimprovelife.dk/about/rules

@davehakkens I have researched Dutch Design Awards here is what I have found.
“Per submission there is a fee of €75,- ex VAT. Submissions for the Young Designer Award are free of charge, Best Client is €150,- ex VAT.”
Do I enter Young Designer Award so?



thanks! @sharma-sagar