Linear guides for cnc machine

These are injection molded bearing carriers for linear guides. I used them to build a cnc router.


The spindle is 1.5 KW.  I was able to machine the pocket shown in 24 minutes with a very dull HSS end mill, the depth is 10mm and the volume is about 30cc.  I ordered some carbide end mills and I think I can improve that.

@lacijowo We would recommend PP for injection molding. HDPE seems to need a lot of pressure. Strength should make no difference at all probably even stronger as it has higher melting temp. The more energy goes in to form it the harder to break things up i guess.
Good luck. We’d buy a watch for sure.

Just plastic, no other ingredients. I think HDPE would be strong enough for a properly designed watch. Small, detailed parts require higher injection pressures and i think polypropylene is easier to inject. @riceandcarry  made sun glasses frames from polypropylene. Ask under the “Questions?” topic and more people with more knowledge about this will see it.

Can i use hdpe plastic for body of watch? And its quite strong? Or there are other ingredients

The plastic is HDPE. It is quite strong. The parts I made are 20mm thick, a little softer and more flexible than aluminum but really strong.

What type of plastic do you use? Its very strong?

Here’s a picture of a part just out of the mold. The part on the right is the first prototype.