List of cheap ways to recycle plastic

i’d like to compile a list of cheap ways to recycle plastics. Please write it in a brief format! This list serves as inspiration to eventually find or develop a machine for normal households. Thanks

Material: HDPE
Mold: Wood
Tools/Devices: Drill/Mincer
Sizes: Middle
Shapes: Bars, Tiles, Plates
Efforts: Low
References: Video – 1, Video – 2
Price estimate: 50 – 200 Euro

Nice topic! Two low cost ideas I know from the forum:

Material: PET
Mold: some scrap metal or wood
Tools/Devices: box cutters
Sizes: Middle
Shapes: Wire
Efforts: Low/medium
References: PET wire topic 1, PET wire topic 2
Price estimate: 5 euros


Material LDPE
Mold: some wooden plates to compress
Tools: regular Iron
Shapes: thin sheets, 3D object from sheets like bags etc.
Efforts: Low
References: Plastic bag topic
Price estimate: price of an iron, scrap wood

Material: HDPE – Plastic bottle caps
Mold: metal, can be done with a dremel
Tools: heater with min. 170 deg. , any press capable device, can be a vice or a drillpress
Shapes: small clips to stitch bottle caps together
Efforts: Middle
References: Topic – Clips
Price estimate: 50 – 150 Euro (dremel, vice, hdpe heater)
Remarks: they locked it behind some old monetary artifact called ‘patent’, i doubt it’s valid for developed countries or can be defended in court.
Target: Toys for kids