List of hardware required for shredder

I have a set of the laser cut parts and am excited to start on the build. I do not see anywhere on the documents or videos what hardware is required for the shredder. Does anyone have a BOM or parts list of the nuts, bolts, threaded shafts, etc that are needed to complete a build of a shredder? Thanks!

It should all be in the download kit on

Here is the list on the nuts and screws (only for shredder unit assembly) that I used.

Screw M10 (countersunk) x 30mm – 4pcs
Screw M8 x 25mm – 8pcs
Nut M10 – 6-8pcs (8pcs if using threaded rod)
Nut M8 – 8pcs
Washer M10 – 6-8pcs (8pcs if using threaded rod)
Washer M8 – 16pcs

Threaded rod/bolt M10 x 20cm – 2pcs

Instead of a threaded rod, I found 20cm long screws that I used, the nut can be nylock nuts, and the washers are optional.

Hey @marcusinnovate !

When I was going to assemble the shredder I had the same issue, (and I did not find the answers in the download kit (maybe it is updated now) )

I remembered that I did a note on how many nots and screws etc, I can check it up when I get home from work.

As for the tools, I made a list of the basic tools that I needed to assembe the shredder unit. You can find the list in this topic; Precious Plastic Åland (basic tool for shredder assembly) scroll down for the list.

Hope it helps some!