List of tools and equipment involved in buidling


I’m Jeanny. I’m part of a startup (BioCellection) that aims to convert plastic waste into value-added chemicals. My team is setting up a pilot with a local waste facility to test their waste streams (plastics make up a big portion of this) and we would like to build the shredder. However, no one has a background in mechanical eng/machine building.
It’s great that all the machine parts are listed and drawn out. It would be fantastic if we could find a list of equipment/tools involved in the shredder-building process. I will have access to a communal machine shop with various equipment but I need to match your list with what they have.

I look forward to hearing from you! Thank you so much!


I’m also interested in a list of tools and equipment. Still new to navigating this site, love seeing people builds. It makes me anxious to get started just unsure of where to start.