Litteratti – Recources for your Machines!

Hello there!

There is a movement called: Litterati, which locate waste, take a photo of it (geo tag, timestamp, category tag), upload it to a public map and of course throw it into the bin.

I think the to community (the PP and the Litterati) should cooperate, in all kind of possible levels.

For example, when somebody is using the litterati APP, if he/she can see in the app in a different map to where can he/she bring her plastic waste for the best recycling.

Or there can be a trash service which is collects these homa plastic waste packages and redistribute it between local PP workroom, and in the litterati app you can volunteer to give away your waste for this purpose.

Sorry for my bad english…

Litterati TED talk:



What do you think?


@xxxolivierxxx ?


I don’t have any concrete idea’s, but I was thinking it could be useful in clean up actions or awareness campaigns, which I hope to include in my work with PP. Maybe create a competition? Or a before/after image, with pic of piece of trash vs pic of the new object in which trash is used?

hi @mathijsstroober!

Yes I’m in contact with two of them. They’ve a very low response time (because of reasons)

@vasy @faro360: do you have any ideas how to start? Do you have contact with Litterati?

I love this idea. Came across Litteratti a while ago and defintely wanted to include it in my plans with Precious Plastic. I’m following this thread…

@mathijsstroober thank you, for the alernt, i should step back for a while

The team is currently busy with a project for Kenya (they leave in a week) So they are too busy to reply. It should be cool if the plastic from Literatti has a better end life then be thrown away for sure!


@mattia-io? What do you think?


what do you think about collaboration? the two communities can have a quite large intersection and help each other

interesting concept! All areas tagged with #plastic is a mine of material for us 😀