LiveStreaming for users around the world Aug 12th

“Machine Development Discussion”

Thank you all who tuned in, this was a great experience and it was very informative for people in the community. Also Thank you so much to all my presenters who took the time to attend and stick with me during the technical difficulties.

If you missed the streaming you can see it here:

Machine Development Discussion:

1)Welcome and Thank you for attend

  1. Shredder
    – Where to source parts
    – Cost (depending on Material)
    – Share tricks & Knowledge
    – Questions & Answers

  2. Shredder MOTOR
    – Cost on Motor & Where to source
    – Electronics Cost and where to source
    – Energy Consumption
    – Share tricks & Knowledge
    – Questions & Answers

  3. Extruder
    – Where to source parts
    – Cost
    – Extruder nut
    – Share tricks & Knowledge
    – Small motor?
    – Questions & Answers

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1- @dreek00 From USA, New Jersey
2- @flo-2 From Austria
3- @carlf From Germany
4- @chelbig From Chile
5- @samsmith From USA, Oregon
6- @katharinaelleke From Germany/Netherland
7- @leopereyra79 From Angentina

Next Streaming will be announced soon!!


@rowine thank you ! we are planing the next streaming now , I will keep you updated

Big up to you all! Very usefull and interesting to watch the video online and I’m looking forward to the next livestream!

@timslab I would love to have you as presenter in the next streaming, message me when you can. I am very interested on the man powered shredder

@dreek00 great job, guys!

Good to see you like that, not only your posts in forums.

@dreek00 it was very interesting on hearing everyones experience with the shredder, thanks for your time!
hope to be on next streaming!

@rute the YouTube link works for everyone in the whole world Tune in tomorrow

hey there, i am just starting to build an extrusion machine, so i´d love to be a guest. Do you need to add me or the link works for everyone?

great idea, great project, can´t wait!


Great idea!

Will try to guesting it!

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Hi guys! I have updated the post and we have a date and time

August 12th at 11am Eastern time in USA (Europe time around 5 PM)

Here is the link:

I think a single stream with a presenter from each country will take quite a while and be crazy hard to organise considering the time-zones involved… Just a thought, but why not have a couple shorter sessions with say 3 presenters in each stream? A collective meeting would be ideal, of course… there’s so much to learn from everyone… but I’m sure the dedicated will make the effort to be there

i am interested of the results of this project. Please keep me updated and if i can help in any way, let me know.

@mattia-io I’m glad you like the idea, Yes! “Google Hangouts on Air” have the ability to save the streaming into a youtube account, this will be the first streaming of many 🙂

Hey Dre! sign me up!

Sing me up !!
Great idee

Regards Albert Morren

Good shout!
Love the idea.

Would there be a way to keep track and record the outcomes of the meetup?
Would be a shame not to document all the useful info that will come up from the meetup.

ok i’m very interested.
i have some input for the injection machine and the building of negative forms.

see you

Hi everyone and thnx for the invitation.

Count me in as well for sure.

Alex from Precious Plastic Greece 🙂

I’d be happy to @dreek00… From South Africa