Location for collaborating on the 3D models

Hey guys, I talked to @davehakkens, and he suggested posting on here. I’m excited to share something that two others and myself have spent a few long years (and our own $) building. It’s a free platform for open source hardware design, called Orchard — https://3DOrchard.com

I think it could be a great location for collaborating on the Precious Plastic CAD designs. You can think of it like GitHub for open source hardware. Anyone can create 3D models from scratch (using sketches, and basic shapes, extrudes, etc.), upload their own models, or edit an existing model. You can collaborate and share with others using social elements like approvals (likes), comments, etc. and of course you can download the files for 3D printing. Over time, as people edit the 3D models, they evolve, which traces out a tree (hence Orchard).

It’s still in Beta, so there are definitely still kinks and some clunky interactions to work out—but we’re trying to kickstart the open design movement by building a community around open source hardware design. We’d love to get the Precious Plastic machines on Orchard, where our visitors from around the world can be inspired by the machines and help with their development.

I’ve tested the various machines and models and they work great (see attached images). Now it’s a matter of rallying the ‘army’ to kickstart the open design movement! Thanks for your time 🙂


Link: https://3DOrchard.com