Longboard wheels

Hello, and once again congrats for this recycling idea !

I’m from an island (Tahiti-French Polynesia) where it’s very pleasant to do longboards, Down Hills 🙂 thankfully to roads on our great volcano mountains. Unforntunately, we have a lot of plastic pollution (specially on our tourist beach).

My whish is simple : reduce pollution by recycling plastics and make longboard WHEELS !
I think this idea could be attractive for a lot of people in my country.

How it could be possible ? Do i have to go on the compression machine with special mold ? Or maybe the injection machine ?

What kind of plastic I have to search for ? PE , PP ? Usually, the longobard wheels are made in polyurethane …

Thank you for your answer, and good luck in your projects everyone !


Hi Yoan

I’d go for the injection machine, seems perfectly suited.
Not sure if PP or PE can replace polyurethane though, might be to hard…

Also the precious plastics injection machine most likely won’t be able to inject a skateboard wheel mould as the shot volume would be less than the wheel mould volume. I talk about injection machine shot volumes in another thread on here 🙂

Hi, if im not wrong the longboards wheels have to support big temperatures, so take care this for the election of plastic

Ok Thank you MArcelozp…
I just checked and all the wheels are made in PU… guess I will have to find another application.
Thank you all !


Now you cant in this way. There is 2 kind of plastic: thermoset and thermoplastic.
PU is thermoset, and these machines are to use on thermoplastics.

any doubt, ask me

Thank you for your answer !

(and sorry about this late answer, I was expecting an email from the forum to inform me that I’ve received answers – is there anything I can set up with my accounts to receive ,otifications on my email ? )

Anyway, thank you for the injection machine advice. I just need to built it now haha.

But for Down Hills, we really need soft plastic… Polyurethan doesn’t work with your machine ? It’s not possible to recycle polyurethan ?

Thank you

It would make great slide wheels for freestyle though. Maybe make some cores from a tougher plastic and then use an injection machine to add a softer plastic for the actual wheel

also you can make your own slide pucks for your gloves 🙂