Looking for a builder in Romania

Hi, guys,

First of all, I’m deeply impressed with all your projects, Dave! And this one is simply amazing! I’m thinking of investing in such a small business in Romania as we are producing so much plastic waste and barely recycle 6%.

Should anyone be interested in a collaboration with me, just shoot!

All my best,

Hello Mihaela,

I am living in Aldesti, close to Arad and I am interested in collaborating with you. Do you have something in mind?


Buna ziua,

I am sorry but I am still working in my Romanian skills.
Do you mind if we continue the conversation in English?

Could you conect to skype for a meeting? my username is: omarlunau
Please let me know when is right for you : )

Buna ziua.

Sunt si eu sunt interesat. De unde se pot lua masile?