Looking for a project partner in Costa Rica


My group is looking to set up a project based on the Precious Plastic blueprints in a place called Montezuma, Costa Rica. I visited there last year and there was a great issue with plastic and the locals lack income. I have the contacts and the pipeline is all set up and ready to go but we just need to figure out how to build the projects out there.

We are currently doing a pilot study in England but we hope to go out and set up the project either this year or next.

However, we aren’t engineers and we don’t have access to equipment or workspace. So I am looking for someone who does and is based in Costa Rica. If you know anyone please can you send them my way!

Best wishes,

Olivia Whitworth
Enactus Lincoln

I’m from Costa Rica and I’m building the Shredder and the Extruder. I’m not a metal worker and don’t have any machines to help you myself, but I can share all I have learned and researched so far.

My email is: olivier_x1@hotmail.com

Just as a heads-up, as you probably know already, Costa Rica is an expensive place to buy pretty much anything. So if you are thinking about making a Shredder, the costs involved will probably be the same as buying a professional shredder in US and shipping it by Sea to Costa Rica. I requested a quotation of the Shredder blades to a plasma cutting company in San Jose named “CEC” http://plasmacut.cr, and just those metal parts would cost me $500 plus another ~$350 for the motor with reductor, plus the costs of building the frame.

For the other machines (Filament extruder, compresion, injection) you can buy many of the parts in any local hardware store like “EPA” or “El Lagar”, and any parts you can’t find here, you can get them from Amazon and ship them to Costa Rica with http://smartcouriercr.com/ or any other PO BOX Company.

Here are some of the shredder options I was talking about, with much more capacity and at a lower price: