Looking for Companies to Partner With

Hi. I’m a senior Mechanical Engineering student at San Diego State. I am working on my senior design project with two other students. We were partnered with an air filter company in Carlsbad to repurpose their 6000 lb/month plastic waste into pellets for injection molding. Those pellets would then be molded into items for local charities. Since starting the project, that air filter company, our sponsor, has since pulled out choosing instead to give the material to a contact in Mexico. As such, we are now looking to partner with a new company that would able to utilize our process design. If we can’t find such a company soon, we will instead have to partner with a charity directly and teach them to operate the process. This wouldn’t be ideal as it would severely limit the scale of the project.

I guess I’m just asking if anyone has connections to businesses or charities or just anyone that could make this project possible.


It would help if you described your process design. Is it limited to industrial sourced material?

@s2019 Well that depends on the scale we end on. No it’s not limited to industrial sourced material, but that would be ideal due to higher funding and greater volume of material. If we don’t secure a company partner, though, we will have to scale down to general recyclables.

As for the process, we’re looking at sourcing machinery currently. I’ve been taking bids for the following machinery: shredder, extruder, pelletizer, and injection molder. If we don’t secure funding and a large enough waste stream, however, we will need to build the machinery ourselves to reduce scale and costs.