Looking for Machine Builder

Hi everyone,

I learned about precious plastic through a friend and this is an amazing project.

I am looking for a machine builder. I plan on starting this project in Mali, west Africa. However, I am currently in Hong Kong so I will be more than happy to meet any machine builder who lives anywhere in Asia (other machine builders from other places are also welcomed).
I am very excited about this as I have been looking to start a plastic recycling project for a long time and it is great to see that these machines can easily be build.
I look forward to hear from you all.

@oumoukeita Welcome to Precious Plastic Oumou
I Encourage you to try to build the machine on your own, it’s a lot of fun and all you need is to look for a laser cutter company to cut the parts in case you want to build the shredder and then buy the remaining parts from alibaba, amazon, ebay, etc…

I recommend you to check the following topics:

Hong Kong anyone?

Hello from Taiwan


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Thank you,

These links are helpful, I will contact them.