Looking for partner organizations

Hi everybody!
I’m Barbara and actually I live in Spain (in Gandia, near Valencia) where we have a precious plastic project, you can find us in the map ;).
My association intend to submit a project to the European Community a Strategic Prtnership project as exchange of good practice, inside the Erasmus+ programme (deadline april 26). We woud like to involve organizations, in particular from Asia, which would like to start a percious plastic project and also another one with experience that want to show to the others how they works, through a study visit.
If the project will be approved, European Community funding will cover travel, visa, board and lodging for all participants. If you are interested, please contact me for start knowing each other and to explain better our idea and develop it together!


HI Barbara I’m jhonmark Barruga president for advisers of Youth for Environment in Schools for six consecutive years here in Masbate City, Philippines.I also have my project with regards to Solid Waste Management here in my masbate city. Hoping for your positive response.I am very interested to join in your project in achieving zero-waste in our city.


Hi Babi and All
we are a Hungarian NGO working special needs children and youth.( most of them are autistic and intellectual disabled) We make sport and leisure activities and nonformal education cooperating with museums.
We would like to open our precious plastic place summer, it will be 100 qm with 3d printer and work together our youth and young volunteers.We have a great motivation and ambition to continue to develop the project.
The last year we connected to Erasmus+ programs.

We have found an opportunity to co-finance learn about Precious Plastic from each other via the Erasmus + program:

Become partner organization and help bring resources into the project which will allow the project to continue and use its potential for further development.
This will increase the possibility to learn recycling and open new places .

The participents need only register on the Erasmus+ portal

1. Registration in the Participant Portal
Each organisation involved in the application must register in the Participant Portal and receive a
Participant Identification Code (PIC). Organisations/groups that have already obtained a PIC through their participation in other EU programmes do not need to register again. The PIC obtained from this previous registration is valid also for applying under Erasmus+.
To register in the Participant Portal, the person representing an organisation (or an informal group of young people) must carry out the following steps:
Create an ECAS account (unless the person representing the organisation/group already has an
account). New ECAS accounts can be created via the following website:
https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/cas/eim/external/register.cgi Access the Participant Portal at http://ec.europa.eu/education/participants/portal/desktop/en/organisations/register.html and
register on behalf of the organisation/group.
Guidance and Frequently Asked Questions are available on the Participant Portal.
The organisation/group need to register only once in the Participant Portal. Once the registration is completed, the organisation/group will obtain a Participant Identification Code (PIC). The PIC, which is a unique identifier and is necessary for the submission of applications, enables the
organisation/group to fill-in the Erasmus+ electronic application forms in a simpler manner (i.e. by
inserting the PIC number in the form, all the information provided by the organisation/group at
registration stage will be automatically displayed in the form).
2. Proof of legal status
At the time of the registration, organisations must also upload the following document in the
Participant Portal:
the Legal Entity form (this form can be downloaded from the European Commission’s website at:
all the best

Hello Barbara ,

My name is Michael , an African and I would like to participate and become a member if only you will permit me.
my aim is to get substantial training to enable me start up a reputable recycling company and also assist my community with zero environmental waste to create employment. I’m a Nigerian but reside in Ghana. Please reach me on my email : pastoredunmichael@gmail.com or on +233(0)270546964 . Please your response is very important to me. Thanks

Edun Michael

Hi @babi,

We are from precious plastic Sorake, Nias Island, Indonesia and our project is ready to launch. Sorake is a surf hub and we have already place in a local homestay who is willing to provide space. We believe that our project has a potential to generate sustainable income for local.
We are working with local education organization.
Please refer to our business plan here

Please read our story here.

Looking forward to collaborate with you!

Hi Barbara,

Happy to read your interest. Me my self also working on waste management related matter. oops forgot, my name is Noor from Malaysia.

At the moment, I am working on separation waste behaviour in Malaysia. Thus, I think you project and I have similar interest. If your project still available for another seat, love to join in.

Thank you


hola, my name is Ina from crazyproducts, i lifed in altea in a tent on the sea,
I life 6 mounth in new Zealand, 1 mouth in indonesia and 5 mounth in germany,
I let manufacturer stuff in indonesai and have connection on the spot, if u wish to let them manufacturer the city is bandung, as a mouthly wages are 100 euros to let that done cheap enough that it is affordable for everyone
suerte Ina