Lostwithiel, Cornwall UK


I am looking for someone who can help me make the machines. I am happy to put the machines together – it is getting the cut pieces.

Anyone out there know of anywhere in the UK please?



Hello Rich

I’m in the middle of putting the shredder together and after getting all sorts of quotes i managed to get midthermlaser to do it for a pretty decent price. i think i paid £89 with shipping to lancashire which was the cheapest i found.
that was for laser cut in mild steel.


hope this helps


if you want it making out of stainless i used AKSTAINLESS to laser cut mine, paid £200 altogether, including VAT and Post. you will need to specify that the component named “Sieve” is either 3mm or 6mm thick, depending on what you want, either works fine….

in terms of all other parts, i used bright mild steel for the axle, which a friends milled for me, and all nuts and bolts are just galvanised,