Machine Builder Wanted HollandBelgium

Hi guys

Would love to find someone who can build these machines for a reasonable cost.

Im living in Zeeland so not to hard to access Belgium also.

Love to hear from anyone that can point me in the right direction.


Hi Phil,
I ken wel iemand die deze machines zou kunnen bouwen. Hij woont in Groningen.
Groet, N.J.A.

I’m also still looking for someone who can build the machines in Belgium/Netherlands for a reasonable price.

Specifically a shredder which can take and shred empty filament spools (so the shredder and hopper need to be big enough)

Please contact with me. I can make complete shredder kit for you for reasonable cost.

Best regards

Hello @philj
I would suggest looking at our Precious Plastic Bazar, there are plenty of machine builders in there selling all machines

Hi Phil,
Heb je mijn vorige mail ontvangen?
Ik vraag nog eens, want dit is de eerste keer dat ik dit gebruik. Ik neem aan als je reageert dat ik dit via mijn email dan ontvang…?
Groet nja