Machine builders in Hong Kong or China

I wonder if any machine suppliers in Hong Kong?


I recommend you to check the following post:

Hi we small team of makers and we are building the machine in Shanghai, at a hacker space call Xinchejian. I heard that someone is building the machine in HK now, at a maker space. You better check out the maker space in HK and build up a team. For us the most complicated part was finding a place to water jet cut the part of the shredder. Now we are facing new issues but it’s coming along.

Hey Guys,

I’m in HK also, I have a lot of mechanical knowledge and know how. I’m right in the process of getting quotations for the shredding unit.
My problem is that I don’t speak Cantonese. All the people who know how to do something with their hands are Cantonese speakers.
If you can help me with the language, I can help you with the mechanics and a lot of other things.
Let’s meet? coffee or tea? dim sum?
Hope to hear from you!

@taminoleung I know buddy, I wish I had a workshop like the one from Dave’s videos. I had to buy some tools like an angle grinder, a set of drill bits, a caliper, a Jig Saw, and then pay other people to get me some of the parts like the laser cut shredder pieces, or the frame (I don’t have a welding machine).

If you can’t afford to get your own tools, you might need to do as I did, and start looking for a laser cutting company nearby and someone to buy the motor from.

Thank you Olivier, however I am still have difficulty about finding a machine builder.
As I am not an engineer like Dave, it’s very difficult for me to set up machines like what Dave did in the video, even if I have machines parts on hand.