Machine builders in Paris, France

Hello folks,

We are a bunch of mates willing to build machines in Paris. We would like to build at least a shredder and an extrusion machine to get started recycling in our neighborhood. If you want to help or if you wish to build your own, join us: unity is strengh!

Antoine and the team

Try TechShop, they have the tools and the space to help you build it.

Hi Antoine,

We have exactly the same goal here in Lyon, to build the shredder first and then the extruder.
Here is our homepage and our facebook page: and
Our biggest challenges right now, to make the shredder, are to find the motor and how to cut all iron parts.
Here in Lyon, we haven’t found any Fablab which has laser / water cutter. Maybe we could cooperate to reduce costs for this cutting operation?

Je suis très intéressé par ce projet, et ça fait déjà quelques temps que je me renseigne, mais habitant en plein coeur de Paris je n’ai pas la place pour les machines. Je voudrais quand même aider et participer à un projet. Donc est ce qu’on peut se mettre en contact?
J’attends des réponses de votre part merci d’avance.

Hey guys !
I’m kind of a multi-task maker, living in Paris and want to help bringing this project to life here !

With few friends, we have started customizing the plans of the shredder for a “community-size” use.
TechShop LM has water-jet Cutter for iron, and all the machines usefull for these machines and I’m already a member there with access to these machines 🙂
I tried yesterday a 3/5 scale model in wood of a bigger shredder.
Here are more details (sorry article in French).

My goal is to build these machines in Techshop Frence for a free access to members (we are more than 300 already), help spreading the project, building machines in other groups around, and so on.

The plans are still under construction, but if we think about it all together here we can help do something that matters ! Let’s talk about it and make it happen quick and good !


Je suis intéressé par le projet et je vais moi aussi en construire une. Parlons nous …


We are now looking where to buy the metal and for a place to build the machines with the right tools. Thank you @seank, this is an option we will study.
Once the machines are up and working we would like to find an non profit association that could host and promote the use of the machines through local projects.

I’ll post some news here as soon as we have anything new to say.

Hi Antoine,

My mom and I are willing to create the machine to educate & help people to recycle their waste especially kids. I am an green oriented entrepreneur and she is a handy talented artist.
Where are your plans up to ? We are looking for a place to start the project here in Paris.

Let us know how can we work this project together.

Kind regards.