Machine Building Tools 3mm

Massive props to everyone around the whole world who has helped get precious plastic to where it is now… really cool stuff

While browsing the files in the new machine-kit I saw that the machine building tools are only available in 4mm… For those who do not have access to 4mm MDF, like me, here are the individual .dxf’s you can use to cut the jigs from your 3mm material 🙂

All files can found here:
-=Machine Building aids (3mm)

I also noticed that there are no plans for marking the barrel to be cut… so I drew those up too (they’re for 3mm, so you may need to tweak yourself).

‘njoy ~

Oh, just found this.
Cool @timslab, sounds super useful!
Only thing is: If I click on the links, the site says “File was deleted from server.” (only “frame connector” is still there)

Can you fix this? 🙂

Great work @timslab 🙂

Thanks! Ok so all files have been reuploaded to GrabCAD… they should remain there far longer 🙂

Aw shucks @katharinaelleke – I think the files have ‘expired’… I will upload them again to somewhere a bit more permanent.