Machine Development – Sub categories

Hey Dave,

Do you think it would make sense to divide the Machine Development up into machine type categories?…

Forums – Machine Development –

– Shredder
– Extruder
– ….

…just for clarity.


Yes! Would be great. However i don’t think our current WordPress-theme allows us to ad a subcategory. If you can make it work we will implement it!


It’s been a while since I visited the forums so only just read your reply to my Cape Town post a few weeks ago.

I’m also hell bent on the shredder but mostly on how to deploy it really widely. May I suggest we collaborate? I can put some capital into this. I would like to work with someone already building.

I’ve found an engineering firm in Cape Town who can make the parts ( however they require the CAD files in SolidWorks format.

Please email me on


@enviro I dig it!

@davehakkens @paulfreed @robksawyer what can do is pin the other Sub categories under the main Machine Development topic to help bring a little bit of clarity/separation for the different machines. Short term solution


I was just about to recommend this.

And then I read further. Instead of one broad machine development category, name the four (each machine) top level topics as follows.

Machine Development – Extrusion
Machine Development – Shedder

Oh bugger. Sorry, thought it was something simple.