Machine in Berlin

Hi everybody,

I am Daniel, an architecture graduate in Berlin. I was wondering if anybody of you had one of the machines in Berlin? I don’t have the resources or skills to build them but I have some/can collect some plastic to be used.

thanks for any leads,

(thanks for this forum + incredible work, dave!)

hey daniel,
i live in eberswalde (50km from B). i already finished the compression oven. The shredder and the pressing mold is giving me headache now though… the laser cutting company wants 430 € only for cutting the metal pieces… and the hexagon bar-problem i also have not fixed yet.
my phone number: 0049 1578 59 77380
would be happy to connect and share the machines!

Hi everybody!

Great to hear that there are some ready built machines around to experiment with! We are a project based in Leipzig and would love to give them a try and make few trials. Of course we’re up to collect plastic and bring you some of this precious material along!

How far are you with the machine development @oe-klo? Still looking for the laser machine?

@daniel Druse – Did you find any machines in Berlin by any chance?

@davehakkens – hi five Dave for starting this! It’s absolutely fantastic, smart, thought-through and easy to follow! Thanks a lot for this, keep on changing the world!

@oe-klo this dutch company also delivers in Germany:

Welcome to Precious Plastic @oe-klo
I don’t know if any laser cutting services in Germany, but if you find one, I encourage you to add it into our Global Development Map:

Does anybody know an affordable laser-cutting company in Germany?