Machine upgrades in v4

does someone knows by chance about upcoming updates for the v4 machines ? Ie: we’d like to know which machine gets updates and which not, etc…

v4 is almost a year overdue and there is little to no sign anywhere (youtube) that there will be machine updates at all in v4.

the recent youtube videos suggests there might be industrial shredder and eventually a stronger extrusion. And from what I’ve seen and understood so far that would require at least the double or more of $$ to build these machines. It’s already hard to get hands on a stable supply for 2KW motors & reducers. So we’re pretty worried being able to produce this at all, not to mention the fact that most bazar users have an average budget limit < 1000 Euros (total, or machine) or extreme high transport fees going with it.

well, any info or insight would be really appreciated. we’re serving quite a good portion of people and somehow I feel nervous (and really bad) to sell them still the half thing … looks like there is no way around other than developing the completion of the machines on our own …

@davehakkens, some comments from you here are very welcome. you seem the only one who knows where this going after all.

the only progress I’ve managed to develop over the last months is the design below, representing almost 60% savings in $$ (~1000-2000 Euro material bill), 40% build-time = week full-time, then 50% savings in energy and around 200% for saving space, as well a good portion more rigidity, well: and saving 60% of the initial weight which is important for shipping fees.