Machines in North Texas

Hi All!

I’m new to Precious Plastics, but I’m looking to start building the machines. I’m located in North Texas and can delivery to some extent to the surrounding states once I get going. I’d like to build a few machines at once to help with some of the costs.

Even if your not local, we can batch all the parts and then I can ship the individual pieces out to you to assemble.

Let me know if your interested!

Hey I’m from Houston but like your idea.

I am still trying to figure out the pricing for this in the states and maybe get in touch with more people who are trying to get involved with this that are builders themselves to figure out different ways to get this made more cost efficiently.

I can do that! I’m chasing my vendors to get pricing back now, getting close to sourcing a motor setup that’s not crazy expensive. But I can leave the motor out, I’m going to setup for either option for now.

We’d be interested in this if it happens in a timely fashion and is cost effective. One of the things we’ve noticed is trying to source some of the metal. Its listed in metric of course, and everything we’ve seen so far is in “freedom units”.

We’re in Tulsa, OK here.

Sounds like a good start!

I sure can! I’ve got family up that way so it won’t be any problem to deliver.

I’ve got about 5 people interested so far, the more we get, the cheaper it gets!

If you are able to get this up and going, I would be interested. I am in Arkansas, so not too far away, within a drive at least.

I have my vendors pricing it out now. I’m also about to go check out a Makerspace near me to see if I could use their machinery to build the parts. If I can do that or somehow fund my own machine, I’ll be able to beat most pricing out there.

Hey, did you guys sort out costs yet or sourcing for the materials and parts required to build the machinces?

Awesome! Yeah, I’m rolling through the models right now, going to start building pricing next week. I’m going to grab a car starter as well to see if I can convert that into a motor of some kind.