Machines in South Africa (Cape Town)

I’m interested to know if there any machines currently being built in South Africa?

I’m “that farmer in Africa” … well not quite, but do live in a small rural farming community village called Greyton, Western Cape with a population of just 10,000 people. I’ve long been worried about our plastic trash and feel these DIY machines are THE answer, not only to our small community but also every village and small town in Africa. I also think every school in the country should have one to teach kids about plastics, chemistry and recycling.

So I’m committed to building at least the shredder and injection machines, plus a mold for a 4-inch rhino toy as a startup product to support a rhino activist project I’m involved with. To this end I’ve found a laser cutting engineering service in Cape Town.

Would love to talk to any South African interested in building their own machines … the parts engineering costs will come down if a lot of us order together.

Dave Hall

Howzit Dave!

I’m in Durban.

I’ve just started the Shredder in mild steel.
I got mine laser cut by at a local company – R1324 (stainless was more, and i’m on a shoe string).

I’m hell bent on at least getting the shredder built.

I really like your Rhino idea!

I was thinking the same thing – every school should have one.

I’m on this forum occasionally and will try post my progress (and pitfalls) as I go along.

Nice to see a fellow saffa here!



See here:

I was wondering if i can use aluminum for the shredding plates, they are hard to find in stainless steel in Africa, am in Uganda

Hello Dave , Paul. I am real keen to hear how your projects are going.

Do you think the cutting shop will drop the price for each subsiquent order. I am thinking that there must be less admin to cut the same pieces again.

Stephen Herbert

Hey Dave!

Sounds good.

I’ll email you.



Let’s work together. My kids live in Pietermaritzburg and I’m due for a visit. Let’s meet and swap ideas.

I would love to see what you’ve done. I’ve been working on a business model for actually deploying them … in schools but also small towns.

My email is