Machines producing plastic pellets

I’ve thought about it, and one thing is problematic for me : the plastic gets partly downgraded through the process that you propose with Precious Plastic. Indeed, the colours get mixed, and the big blocks of plastic that are produced through injection molding are hard to shred. One machine that could be interesting to avoid downgrading and difficult shredding could be a machine similar to the one producing the 3D-printing filaments, but that has a rotating blade cutting the string into pellets. (Kind of like the industrial macaroni-making machines that continuously cut long strands of pasta into small pastas). This way we could produce bags of pellets that we could then sell to the industry, thus avoiding using new fossil fuels to produce plastic.


In one of the Extruder videos it shows it being used for this process. I don’t think a build has been posted yet but I imagine you just add a spinning blade or “shutter” to your extruder and have consistently colored plastic.