Machining parts using a cnc + examples related to

Just wanted to point out on some information on being able to produce parts for precious plastic. Jens Dyvik has been doing a lot of research on cnc-milling and created an open source CAM plugin for Grasshopper (which is a plugin for Rhino), and is working on creating open source machines.
Some of the examples and information can be seen on this link.
The software he made has also been used to mill steel parts for a shredder that’s currently still work-in-progress and is based upon Precious Plastic design (see image below). Parts were produced on a Shopbot Alpha, which is a quite common machine in fablabs, using trochoidal milling. The video below shows how parts can be produced in steel using this technique, made on a machine he designed and build himself.

Here’s also a link to a compression press for making sheets of material that can be lasercut.

And the link to the software, which is also still a work-in-progress but thoroughly tested so far.