Hi all, first I would like to say
This project is kinda cool 😃

Just wanna ask about the maintenance of the shredder.
What kind of maintenance do we need to do regularly,
How about rotating and static knife sharpness? Do we need to change the knife when its blunt? Or we could just grind it back?
What if other material got in it, steel perhaps? Knife will chip i think.
If we need to do all of that, would u mind making a video of it?

Honestly, I am planning to make a bigger version out of ur shredder, a bit worried about maintenance, down time and shredding capacity.

I own a small plastic recycling workshop in Indonesia, really really small, nothing fancy. We plan to increase capacity using 2 stage crusher, pre crush and fine crush

Our dave shredder will act as a pre crusher, not gonna use any mesh for it.