Make a recycling bin

Making a plastic recycling bin with recycled plastic panels. This is an easier method with standard aluminum tubes.



3D Files

Step 1 - Prepare materials

Prepare material according to the size and design of the recycling bin.

In our case:

  • 30x30 alumimum tube 935mm x8

  • 30x30 alumimum tube 316mm x8

  • 30x30 alumimum tube 300mm x12

  • Corner fixing clips x50

  • Corner fixing plate x50

  • legs x8

Step 2 - Assemble the frame

Assemble the frame, with the corner fixing clips and avoiding the corners for mounting the panels afterward.

Step 3 - Mount the panels

After the frame is done, fix the panel onto the frame with screws and corner fixing plate.

We use 12mm thick PP sheets and use CNC milling to cut into the right shapes.

Step 4 - Legs and doors

Add legs to the bottom of the bin for uneven floor.

Lastly, assemble the doors with door hinges, and add locks or magnets to keep them close.

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