Make a Squat Stool

I am a flat pack design utility add on to existing toilets using english WC's to heal correcting the posture which improves the internal architecture of human body and heals many of stomach related disfunctions, improves the digestion system. Me realized in the young generation of today's to correct the posture of using WC the way it was suppose


squat stool.rar


3D Files

Step 1 - Take sheet of 12mm thickness

The sheet has to be of 12mm for the exact grooving composition, and size can be of 4ftx 4ft. If your sheet thickness varies then 12mm please adjust the grooves in cad file

Step 2 - Get cad file in CNC machine

The cad file is supposed to be converted in cnc machine file format and let the machine do its job,

Step 3 - Buff the edges

Buff the edges for a cleaner finish

Step 4 - Assemble the product

assemble the product as mentioned in the following document.

Added hdpe, compression, mould, oa-import, starterkit

Added hdpe and removed hdpe