Make a wall hook

Wall hooks are mainly used to hang clothes. But this design allows you to hang your jackets, kitchen clothes, towel. It has a very versatile and simple design in order to serve as much places and uses as possible.

Find attached the files for the mould, the tool to make the holes in the right place and the original hook design.

Here you can find the video of Project Kamp where we make the whole proccess of recycling our waste (From 8:12 till 21:59)

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If you don´t have the capacity or just don´t want to make your own mould you can buy it in the bazar in the following link:

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Hook files.rar


3D Files

Step 1 - Make your mould

This mould is design to be manufacture with aluminum machined with a CNC machine. You can find the files in this How-To

Step 2 - Collect your plastic and shredd it

It is time to collect your plastic! Remember to not mix plastics. In our case we are gonna use PP, but this product can be injected with HDPE too.

Step 3 - Inject

It is time to inject! In our case we use a classic V3 Injection machine with the 1/2" nozzle. But you can use any other variation of injection machines, the mould is quite flexible to be used with other machines and can handle different pressures.

Step 4 - Drill the holes

Once your hooks are injected you have to drill some holes in order to screw your hooks to the wall.

For this we provide you with an .STL file for a template to drill the holes always in the same position.

In our case we have used 4x30 screws for the wall so we use a 3.5mm drill and a 8.3mm countersink

TIP: Make sure you are drilling straight in the hole

Step 5 - Install your hook

In our case we used 4x30 screws for wood, but you can adapt this dimension to your needs. For adjusting screw size you should also adjust your drill/countersink sizes.

We are installing our hook on thick wood surfaces but you can choose to install it wherever you want!

Step 6 - Share with the world

Now it is time to share with the world your hooks and inspire other to make it!

When sharing them please credit the following workspaces

Hook design by: Fair Enough (@@{7Jon7qP2jiQYRvfFK3flPxwnh1A2:fair-enough}) Instagram @ ​

Mould design by: Easymoulds (@@{cDfWqCI0NidOCidP26qeYhBntpQ2:easymoulds}) Instragram @ easymoulds

Thanks for copying and recycle as much waste as you can into these hooks!

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