Make A4 size clipboard

Make original clipboard from recycled plastic material. Board size is 315x230 mm thickness 5mm, 4x radius R8 in corners.


Mould 3D data +


3D Files

  • 3D Step File: /files/Mould_3D_data___blueprints/MOULD - A4 PAPER HOLDER/STP/m-12-01.stp - Preview
  • 3D Step File: /files/Mould_3D_data___blueprints/MOULD - A4 PAPER HOLDER/STP/m-13-01.stp - Preview

Step 1 - Prepare your mould

I share with you 3D data and blueprints for personal use.

Material steel, thickness 5mm.

You can also buy mould or mini press on Bazar.

Recommended mould fasterners:

M6x45 (at least 4 pieces)

M6 washers

M6 nuts

Step 2 - Prepare material + mould

I have already tested HDPE, PP or PLA with good results.

You can play with different colours and bottle cap design. :slight_smile:

You need between 320 - 350 g / clipboard.

Before testing new material type, make a note/ picture how many material did you use. It will help you with future production.

Clean mould from impurities, dust or remaining plastic particles from previous production. (I use smooth sand paper)

To avoid sticking use mould release or oil.

Make sure your oil will not get to its smoke point:

I recommend oil with smoke point above 230 deg. Celsius

Step 3 - Baking + pressing

I use IKEA Görlig electric oven.

Set up temperature according to your material type.

For HDPE and PP I use temperature 225 deg Celsius.

I put mould in the oven for 35 min.

Set up timer.

Attention - use heat resistent gloves when you operate with mould from oven :slight_smile:

After baking process, press mould.

Cooling process take 20 - 30 min.

If you open mould earlier, there is risk of deformation.

Step 4 - Postprocessing

Cut out edges with knife,

You can sand surface.

Drill 2 holes M4 (size and location of holes depends on your clip design).

I prefer screw type rivets - you do not need special tools and you can make easy and quick change board design with clip.

Rivet size:

A: 4mm

B: 6mm

C: 10mm

S: 4mm

Step 5 - Follow Plastmakers

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More information:

Thank you.


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Added hdpe and removed hdpe

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