Make beams more simply

I’m interested to make beam and I wonder if this could be possible in another way than the one describe here:

My first problem is about energy. Here electricity is very unstable and go up and down continuously from 100 to 250v and at least 1 time per weeks (and more) his cut during the whole afternoon. And the worst is the electricity is expensive for a very bad service. Sometime I must start my generator diesel amd this is absurd…Today the generator was not able to start…probably breakdown again 🙁

I wonder if I could use gas instead electricity for heat the plastic. I wonder also if is absolutely necessary to use industrial screw and get the famous pression. What about to make simply desired beam mould which could be like a kind of syringe (with a closed hole which can be opened when cold for help to unmould) and fill up with desired plastic shavings. Then place this horizontally along several gas fire for eat plastic. Then press like Injection machine but always in horizontal position…Temperature will not be controlled with a big precision but with the help for example of a laser controller such this one, I suppose possible to better regulate the fire for reach desired temperature…,searchweb201602_1_10152_10151_10065_10068_10344_10342_51102_10343_10340_10341_10084_10083_10307_10059_10314_10534_5790011_100031_10604_10103_10142,searchweb201603_25,ppcSwitch_4&algo_expid=5eb5d2fd-1aed-4543-9a45-f9e3b8655838-7&algo_pvid=5eb5d2fd-1aed-4543-9a45-f9e3b8655838&rmStoreLevelAB=5

I plan to make a test soon with a small mould like maybe 7x4x100cm…By filling more than half I suppose possible to obtain a mini beam of 7x4x60cm. Actually I don’t have the Shredder but I plan to make one. For my test I plan to cut manually some plastic (and probably destroy some knife)…

Any idea if this could work ?…thank