Make Machines in Eindhoven

We want to form a team to build Machines in Eindhoven.
Let’s meet and start building.
Who wants to join?

Hi I am head of MADlab which is a art/science lab with hackerspace/makerspace. We have to organise a space to have room to build. We have tools and facilities. I suggest we pick a moment to get together and assign tasks. How about Saturday 3 pm?


Are you on the way in Eindhoven with the machines and is it possible to join? We are organizing recycling in the Himalayas and are planning to build machines here and bring them to Nepal this February, together with moulds for the products (unfortunately it will probably be very hard to build the machines in Nepal itself before February). Happy to hear if we can maybe do something for each other, you can reach me at

Cheers, Erik

Very interested!

I’m in. I want to have one working in Eindhoven by the end of this year. I will involve companies to start working with it, and make them enthusiastic about the opportunities of using recycled plastics (instead of virgin plastics) in their company, too.
E-mail me:

– Willemijn Peeters from Eindhoven, the Netherlands


I live in Amsterdam and I am pretty much interested on joining your group. I don’t know if it will be possible for me to go very often to Eindhover due to the distance but I am willing to give it a try so I can meet you. I am planning on building the machines here in Amsterdam but it would be great to follow you up first. Several heads together think better than only one and since I come from an artistic background (graduated in Fine Arts), it would be a rich experience to learn a bit of mechanics and technology with you.

My e-mail is so don’t hesitate on getting in touch.

Hope to hear from you soon.


I want to set up a meeting to kick off Eindhoven Precious Platic Machine building.
If you send me your e-mail I will invite you.

I want to join, I have no space for big machines but maybe we can shrink them a bit?

Hello, I am very excited to join in with this project. The moment I saw the Precious Plastic video I was like: I have to do this!

I am Silvan Vasilda and I live in Eindhoven since january 2016. At the moment I am studying Fashion Design at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (HKU). My creative mind expands to other disciplines like Tricking which is an extreme urban sport where movements like the backflip or moves of capoeira and so on get’s mixed together. Since 2015 I started my own capwearbrand Nova Clothing. I am skilled in making 5-panel caps by hand and sewingmachine. I only make 1 cap of each design to keep it exclusive. And besides that I am pretty all round as a designer in 2D and 3D designs.

I try to be so sustainable as good as possible, because I deeply believe in caring for our environment. Hope I can be of help in this project!

Hey Rene,

Mijn naam is Fabian ik ben 30 jaar en ik woon in bennekom. Ik heb ruim 8 jaar ervaring als constructiebankwerker/lasser/machinebouwer. Ik ben benieuwd naar je ideeën. Stuur me even een mail als je interesse is gewekt. (

Ik kijk uit naar je reactie.

Met vriendelijke groet,
Fabian Madern

Hi Rene,

Not possible for me, I am working 4 days a week, but like to read along what happens in the Netherlands. I can’t do much sofar, but would like to be a test-user 🙂


Hi all,

I would like to get started ASAP.

Maybe a get together on Friday afternoon 22 April in Eindhoven?
Friday afternoons could be a regular (virtual) meeting moment?



Hi Gentlemen,

I would like to read along. I am a woman in the West of Holland. Don’t know if there is a movement allready in the side of our country?
I would be very interested in the possibility to have such a machine to participate if payable.


Unfortunately, i´m quite busy at the moment, i´m doing a intern ship until the summer holidays, and I have to work at saturday. I do though have time this friday.

My Email adres is
Maybe continue this conversation over mail?


I’m in for sure. I’m a last year student doing a machine building/mechatronics education.

Wondering, what exactly do you have available at the moment, do you have the space, machines and or materials to build this? or are you (just like me) interested in building this but only can bring man-power and experience in machine building into the equation?

(comming from your original topic 🙂 )