Make machines in London

Hi, we’re looking for people to help us build the machines in London. We’re based in E2 and particularly need people who know about motors… or machines…. or just want to be involved.

Nat & Susanna

Hi Nat,

I’ve just come across this project and am completely blown away. I’m in London and would LOVE to get involved with building these. Please let me know how I can help.



Also East London-based and keen to perfect a bicycle-powered shredder

Hi All – have replied by email to the above messages, it’s very exciting and useful to have input from others, especially as it feels quite hard at the moment. We have been given a plastic extruding machine and some pellets but we haven’t figured it out yet!
We have a meetup next Weds if anyone fancies coming –

Hey there,

My partner and I are about to embark upon our plastic adventure and are helping our blacksmith fabricate an injection moulder next week! We have been buying the electrical components and are slightly confused as to which band heater we need regarding wattage/voltage…

Also, what are you guys using for the threaded nozzle which attaches to the thread on the mould? Just a plumbing cap?

Any assistance most appreciated!


bertiewhitford at
0794 0034 447

Hi Nat

We are a small workshop in Lewisham SE13 working on small batch plastic manufacturing we have been working on the machines for a good 9 months now on and off if we can help transfer information and skills let us know

Good evening Dave, I did like to be a part of your on going projects which I find very innovative and lucrative. Pls let me know how I can get your product and possibly get trained on this whole innovative project. Looking forward to hearing from you. Here is my number if you don’t mind +353899512197 Toju
Am based in the Republic of Ireland and I really wish to be a part of this world changing innovation kindly let me know how you can help.

Hi, My name is Federico and I’m and architecture student here in London.
My architectural project is dealing with melted up cycled plastic and I cam across Dave developments.
Right now I’m starting to develop my own machine, but I was wondering if you still need help for your…
Thanks in advance,

Hi Marc

Great! We are (mostly) at Machines Room in London E2 – is that convenient for you? My email is, twitter @redfishnat or call me on 07790 902579 and we can make a plan!

Speak soon