Make notepad covers & springs

How to make small sheets and springs to assemble a notepad



3D Files

Step 1 - Prepare your mix

Select, weight, and mix the colors you want, we used PP shredded bottle caps.

Step 2 - Make the springs

Fill the injection machine and wait for the plastic to start flowing, with a small nozzle and a constant weight applied on the machine, use a wooden rod to "screw" the filament around it, make it as long as you want, we recommend using a wooden rod because the plastics sort of sticks and makes it easier to form the spring.

Step 3 - Make the covers

Remove the small nozzle from the injection machine and extrude some plastic on a flat sheet, press it against another sheet in a press, wait for it to cool and remove the plastic sheet, cut it to shape, make the holes and assemble the notebook.

Step 4 - Enjoy your recycled booklet

Try different combinations, you can make the springs out of the same mixture of however you want :slight_smile:

Added Precious Plastic, compression, extrusion