Make shredder

hello I am French and I would like to get into the adventure. I am trying to make a shredder but about parts laser cutting I know or I can make the cut? you can buy them directly? or are that someone can make me?
Forgive my English I suck me so I used google translator.

No worry Jonathan,
your English is better then my French.

We use a online laser cutting service, just send them the DXF files from the downloads.
I think there will be some online services in France as well.
It is to difficult and not precise enough to cut them yourself with a Hex. grinder or something.

Regards Kees

hello I did make an estimate in a business corner, the amount is 180 € for cutting the pieces are that a good price?
thank you

hey jon, my name is mathieu, Im from france Burgundy, I m starting the project, I already have a manual shredder from filamaker if you want we can build and share the machine. if you want come over visit
my studioin entrains sur nohain
contact me:
let me know!