Make Your Shredder Single-Phase With Reverse Mode

This How-To will show you the way to convert your three phase single direction shredder into a new single phase-reverse function shredder. Which means that you would be able to plug it in anyplace you go. This is quite usefull if you like to go around with your shredder or if your workspace has only single-phase electricity.

The reverse function is quite cool when your shredder gets jammed.



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Step 1 - Gather your material

Before starting to conect the cables you will need:

  • Motor (this case is a threephase 1.5kW)

  • VFD (according to the motor)

  • Cables (different colors helps to identify ground, neutro and phase)

  • 2 position switch (16A)

  • 3 position switch (16A)

  • Emergency button (16A)

  • Magneto-thermal switch (16A P+N type C or D)

  • Plug (16A)

  • Conection stripe

  • Electronics box

Step 2 - Choose your VFD

If you can access to a VFD it is highly reccomended and your motor and machine would be thankfull if you do it. Besides that also your electricity supply will be thankfull too (doesn´t matter if you run your shredder in solar, batteries, water, or you are just conected to the grid). If you cannot access to a VFD you can also tryout to run your motor in single phase using capacitors.

This time I have used a VFD Delta 1.5kW singlephase but you can use any VFD that fits your needs.

Important that you use one able to handle the watts of your motor or above, the volts input of your motor and important the VFD uses single-phase input.

Step 3 - Gather your tools

Gather your tools:

  • Soldering station

  • Pliers

  • Scredriver

  • Wire cutter

Step 4 - Rewire your motor

Most of electric motors have 2 wiring positions depending the voltage you are using to run them. This 2 options use to be star connection or triangle conection. In my case I will change from a 380v input to a 230v input by changing the position of the little plates in between the conections.

Step 5 - Graphic circuit diagram

It is time to wire everything.

SAFETY TIP: Try to wire them in the conection stripe in one side all your line conections and in the other side neutral conections then put in the middle all your grounds together. This would avoid more likely short-circuits in your machine.

Step 6 - Set up your VFD

This could be the most boring step, but, it is the last one, so afterwards comes the proud moment.

There are a few parameters you should set up before turning on your machine to make it run safely and smooth. These parameters have a lot to do with your motor, so get your motor specs before starting. (These are engraved on a little metal sheet in your motor)

I would recommend you to find your VFD manual for this stage.

In this case I will show you the parameters for a DELTA VFD015EL21A and a 1.5kW 3phase motor.

Step 7 - Time to shred!

You are done! It´s time to put plastic inside and enjoy your flakes to create new products out of the plastic of your neighbourhood!

If you have questions or something is not clear for you, you can always ask in Discord or contacting us in IG: @just_fair_enough or by email at

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