Making it truly modular

Hi all,

I was watching all the building videos, and noticed a few things. It is mentioned that the machines are build modular, so they can be upgraded. but as of this point, the can not be taken apart as if they consist of modules. I want to change that. First of all, integrating the injection and the extrusion machines should not be that difficult, simply use the injection nozzle on the extrusion machine. this would in my opinion make the injection machine obsolete.

The Real challenge is integrating the shredder and the extrusion machine. from both machines, the motor might be one of the most expensive parts, but it is situated and mounted roughly the same.

How do you guys feel about creating blueprints and/or CAD-files for a machine that can be taken apart and rebuild as a different machine in, i don’t know, 30 minutes?

I would love to hear opinions on this, also in regard to safety and consistency of output.




We had the same idea of combing the injection and extrusion machine, but thought it better to use the extrusion as base and add a apparatus to attach a modelling function. We haven’t build the machine yet but are thinking of ways to combine the two! I like the idea of using the same motor for the shredder and extrusion machine. Let me know if you have developed any ideas yet.

What if there was some way to redesign them to be modularly scalable. what I mean by that is, create them so that you can easily combine multiple units together and thus have higher production output. Any thoughts on that?

@robksawyer hi rob, im looking to offer a Factory shop to offer the machines as well… how are you going with the building of the machines?? i already have a first aproach on costs but its to expensive so im looking to reduce it, however we allready started to build the shreder and extrusión machine… i hope to have good news son.

@redgurrillia Great idea! I definitely think the machines can be optimized in a way that the parts are interchangeable. It’ll be up to us to document struggles during builds and then getting the right people in place to ensure that CAD models are updated and this documentation is consolidated. I could see certain committees (or task forces) being established that would manage such.

I’ve also been playing around with a theoretical shop. Some folks just aren’t able to weld and access the required labor or parts. And this is a problem that needs solving. I’ll be starting in the US first as it’s the easiest for me to work out kinks. Also, I will definitely share the struggles as I approach them.

Lastly, from the tone of your statement, I perceived that you may have some reservations against making this a business. And I just wanted to say that I don’t see any issue with this. I would like to hear other opinions on the topic.

I actually would 100% support a Precious Plastic producing component or machine business. It’d be great to have more businesses that are built on recycling. And also, more businesses run by people with good ethics and values (That’s probably you considering you’re hanging out in this forum.). Charge fair prices, pay fair wages, source locally when possible, don’t get greedy and make people happy. That’s just off the top of my head and I’m no business advisor, but if you do all of those, I’d be more than happy to support your business. Maybe we could even connect and somehow become distributors for various parts or certain zones of the planet to ensure that we use less energy and are able to charge folks less. 😉

Great! I would love to see it come together… can’t wait to see some pictures!

hi everyone, im starting to develop the shreder and extrusión machine with the same motor with a fabric from chile (im from chile) i will let you know when the results are done.
is the extrusión machine power enough to make injection??? if its so i will be happy to develop the machinery and let youu know the results.

for those who ask about purchasing the machines i can also let you know the costs when its done, im not trying to make business with these but if someone need it there will be no problema for me to build it and send it.

gretings everyone

The group is called “presious plastic groep Nederland-België”
When I asked where you were based, i meant to ask what school/company/organisation you’re with, or are you a independed group? because often, schools or even companies are willing to help out with the whole “machinery problem”… as long as you’re a student… 🙂

Hey! Thanks for the reply. I’m in Amsterdam Nieuw West. How’s the Facebook group called?

Hi @camilamichelini, we are based in Eindhoven, if you join the facebook group that one of us has created, you can find others in The Netherlands that are working, or willing to work on these machines.

Where in Amsterdam are you based exactly? might be fun to exchange some ideas and stuff some time!

Hey RedG,

where are you based in The Netherlands? I am in Amsterdam and I am getting together with a friend to try to build the machines and start making the products. We already have an investor and now we’re trying to learn more about how to get the raw material in town. We’re also looking for a place to start the production when everything is ready.

It would be awesome to get in touch with you since you said you’re putting up a team to build the machines. We could maybe work together.

Hope to hear from you soon! Camila

Pls keep us informed!! for me is easier to buy the machine already built.

Haha, I think it’s a lot harder for people like you, I’m from The Netherlands just like Dave himself… it’s a lot easier here to get stuff like that done. We are creating a team to build these machines, if during the process I find out more about the possibility of “modulizing” I’ll post it here right away!

We are based in Santa Marta, Colombia! We are still at the beginning, looking into it theoretically, and trying to find the right suppliers, which is not easy here.

@layla, I believe you have the same idea as me, but i’m not always as good at putting it to words 🙂 my idea about the injection machine is based on industrial injections machines, witch basically work like a extrusion machine, but have a mold at the end. With a pressure sensor, and maybe even something like a arduino or raspberry pi, it should not be that hard to create a injection application for the extrusion machine. I have not really been busy with this yet, because I don’t want to do this on my own.

where are you located if I might ask?