Making plastic resealable bags

I looked around on the forums and found alot about how to recycle plastic bags… but unfortunately haven’t found anything on how to produce one with the machines Dave made and gave away so everyone can use it… (Thanks immensely for this).

Is there a way to utilize these one or some of these machines to make for example something like this

or this

If someone can point me as to where to start, that would also be appreciated…

Hi @aliosman
Try this for a starting point not sure if this is helpful but thought you might be able to do something with concept.

I really feel that this is a hugely under valued topic that would have a massive impact on the environment and people’s behaviour.

Retro fitting a closing/opening device to empty bags, made from recycled plastic of course, would instantly switch single use plastic bags to infinitely useable. Well…slight exaggeration!

It’s an area I am focusing on.

The idea definitely has potential, to make a nicer version you could use some aluminium angles, which come to a point to get a more reliable seal. you could also get a small power supply with variable output to get more precise closing.