Managing static

i’ve just finished building my
shredder and have completed some small shredding runs. The small plastic flakes generate lots of static electricity, making them stick to the machine and anything surrounding it. This makes it difficult to collect the flakes into a bucket and keep the workspace clean.

Does anyone have advice for managing or reducing the static generated while shredding?

Were you able to find a solution to reduce or dissipate the static charge.  I am having a similar issue.

We had the exact same problem. We are using couplings to connect the axles from the gearbox to the shredder box, so I don’t think the shredder box was actually grounded. We solved it by running a wire from a bolt on the shredder box directly to the motor’s ground (grounding the shredder box).

Not only did it kill the static charge, but it also sped up the shredding process by removing the buildup on top of the blades and gave us larger sized mulch instead of a fine “snow”.

I hope this helps!

Not really. I have since painted my shredder frame which has reduced the build-up some, but it takes quite a bit of brushing/ compressed air to get it clean between runs.