Manufacturing Methods For Shredder

Curious about the different manufacturing processes machine builders have tried for the shredder. And the upsides and downsides of each one.

Processes i have tried/looked into:
CNC Milling
CNC Plasma
CNC Waterjet

Havent tried:
CNC Laser
Manually cutting on band saw.

Casting would be interesting. Yea sacrificial molds would be cool. I will have to post my photos for plasma and also what i have done with milling.

One method that is left out is casting parts. It might not be that viable for low level production like 20 batches. It might be an option for somebody who wants just one kit for themselves using lost pla casting for the cutters and steel plate for the rest.

Yes. There are so many variables with plasma that effects its cut quality
feed speed
Air pressure
Nozzle height
Any warpage of the material
output voltage and amperage
consumable wear (there are 3 consumables)
Non consumable wear
Inconsistencies in the material

Interesting. Do those cons change if you lower the speed?

Today i just 90% of a shredder in 15 minutes in a cnc plasma.
Here are the things i find with plasma:
Extremely fast cutting speeds 40-100 IPM
// (inch per minute) (my shredder is about 888 inch cutting distance) (so 22.2 min)
Extremely Cheap To Run
Eco friendly (no wasted water, waste etc.)
Cut extremely Thick and Many Metallic Materials
Very Dimensionally Accurate When Kerf Is Calibrated For

Very Bad Taper (10 degree to 35 degree taper) On My machine Atleast
Dross (metal collecting on bottom of cut)
Some Times Weird Artifacts In Cut Surface
Not Smooth Cut (Rough Surface)
So Alot of Finish Work Needed
Edge Hardens Heat Treatable Material

I will put some images of the cuts bellow tomorrow.

@thegreenengineers interesting topic! Before having my parts lasercutted, I did some research about the diference between waterjet and lasercutting. In a nutshell, lasercutting may damage your product if it’s heat sensitive. So hardened steel could be de-hardened due to the heat that is involved in the cutting process. However my parts are perfectly made, no noticable problems with that.